Our solidity, long experience, professional qualification, wide range of products and spirit of service permit us to be able to solve in a correct and specific way the diversity of requirements from our clients.


Military Computers

  • Military computers for 19” rack and panel mount
  • Military fanless mini computers 
  • Military monitors 
  • Military intelligent KVM
  • Military operator’s terminal
  • Military power supplies

Industrial Computers

  • Industrial PCs for 19” rack mount, wall mount and panel mount
  • Industrial workstations for 19” rack mount 
  • 19” rack mount Industrial chassis for ATX motherboards 
  • Industrial single board computer cards half-size, full-size PIGMG 1.0/1.3 and ATX
  • Solid state Flash disks (IDE, SATA, 2½”, 3½”, USB, CFC and DOM)
  • CompactPCI® industrial computers
  • Firewall
  • NAS

Industrial Embedded Computers

  • Panel PCs (industry, transport, hospitals, etc.)
  • Industrial fanless mini computers (ARK, UNO, ECN, ECW, ECK, IBOX, etc.)
  • Industrial CPU cards (mini-ITX, EPIC, EBX, 3½”,5¼”, PC/104+, etc.). In some models exist extended operating temperature range as option
  • System On Module SOM-ETX, etc.
  • PC/104+ modules
  • Home terminals

Data Acquisition

  • Data acquisition cards (A/D, D/A, DIO)
  • Remote data acquisition modules (RS-485, Ethernet, fiber optic, wireless)

Military Communications

  • Military Ethernet switches (fiber optic and copper)
  • Military routers
  • Military IP phones

Industrial Communications

  • Multiport cards
  • Industrial Ethernet switches, managed/unmanaged
  • Protocol converters
  • Fiber optic
  • Wireless LAN (802.11a/b/g/n)
  • Industrial Smartphones

Industrial Peripherals

  • High brightness sunlight readable industrial monitors with CCFL backlight and the new Durapixel technology with high brightness LEDs backlights, with low comsuption and low operating temperature 
  • Industrial monitors
  • Industrial keyboards, stainless steel vandal proof keyboards, keypads, programmable keyboards